Modular Conveyors

Rigid Modular Conveyors – BestConnect

BestConnect is designed to provide rapid assembly of conveyor solutions for changing workplaces. Systems can be easily configured and re-configured as required to suit your immediate requirements. With a simple 240v power supply and latching connections, the engineering requirement is minimal.

Configurable Solutions for Several Applications

BestConnect can be utilized to create systems for a variety of applications including package transfers, semi-automated sorts, and tying in manual packaging / work stations. These solutions can be quickly installed or reconfigured thanks to modular design, minimal components and hardware, and simple controls that utilize 120 VAC power.

  • Load capacity 75 lbs/ft
  • Heavy duty 16 gauge precision bearing 1.9 diameter steel rollers
  • 3” axle centers
  • 120 VAC, 60 HZ, 30 AMP Power (15/25 Amp available)
  • Available for transportation or accumulation
  • Heavy duty 6” x 2” casters for easy movement with lock brake casters that stabilize the conveyor while in use
  • DC Motors with adjustable speed

Straight sections are the major building block of any system, while curves allow changes in product flow direction, and coated roller inclines allow elevation changes. Centralizers center packages before and after curves, and skews push the product to one side or the other. Merges can be utilized to pull index one lane into another, and lift gates can be utilized to allow operators to pass through the conveyor as needed.