Pallet Rack Safety Guarding

Walk into any warehouse or manufacturing facility, and you’ll encounter one of the critical components of the material handling industry, pallet rack storage systems. Though they vary in type and design, all pallet rack systems are used to keep products organized and to provide additional storage space by working vertically.

SpaceGuard BeastWire Mesh Rack Safety

Warehouse rack guarding systems are designed to prevent products from falling off a bay of racking and landing on a passerby. Brackets allow for varying offsets and systems can be designed to go above the uppermost bay, ensuring proper coverage and safety. This hard guarding provides a hard stop for stored materials, unlike industrial netting which is designed to catch materials. The steel mesh also prevents sharp or unbalanced loads from falling through.


Wire mesh panels and doors can also be configured to fully enclose bays of rack. Pallet rack enclosures provide controlled access to high-cost items as well as combustible or otherwise hazardous materials.

Add another level of security to the front of pallet racking and thwart off theft by using a bi-parting hinge door which attaches directly to the pallet rack uprights. Pivot brackets are available in single mount or double-pin (shared) when used between two adjacent doors. All doors come equipped with padlock hasp and install in minutes.

Slide doors which use an independent post system are also available when aisle space is limited, or additional locking mechanisms or strikes are required. 

Panels can be supplied to protect the ends/sides of pallet racking and attach with basic angle clips.