Specialty Racks

In addition to “traditional” storage rack systems, Matrix also provides specialty rack items for storage & transport of parts.

Stacking Racks

Stacking Racks

Stack racks protect your loads during handling, stacking and shipping. Stac-King offer superior stacking stability over wooden pallets, while providing comparable weight capacities. And when not in use, portable racks can dismantled for convenient and compact storage. Stac-King are stackable racks that allow for vertical storage because they can be housed six high, allowing you to take advantage of building height. These removable pins also make Stac-King portable racks perfect interplant steel shipping racks, because they can be shipped fully loaded and folded flat upon return.

Pin Racks

  • Ideal for steel stampings or other flat goods
  • Stackable up to 10 high
  • Holes on 3”centers
  • 4,000 pound capacity each
  • 5/8” diameter pins, with 12” usable height

Custom Shipping Racks

Steel King® specializes in the production of custom returnable steel shipping racks. More durable than wooden skids or throwaway containers made of cardboard or wood, they’re also environmentally friendly. Over the years, Steel King® has developed hundreds of shipping racks for parts such as windows, engines, doors, bumpers, lawn mowers, mufflers, multiple component kit racks and everything in between. Our racks are structurally stable for up to 2 or 3-high shipping, and up to 6-high warehouse stacking.