Hydraulic Lift Tables

Lifts can used in a wide variety of applications – such as pallet build-up and tear-down, part assembly and disassembly and conveyor systems – to improve worker ergonomics or enhance plant efficiencies.

Scissor Lift Tables

The Series 35 Scissor Lift Tables are designed and built to provide long-service life, durability, and outstanding lifting power. Series 35 models range in travel from 24″ to 60″ with lifting capacities up to 15,000 lbs. We offer many options and accessories to expand the versatility of your lift table – controls, portability set, accordion skirting, turntables, and more.

Turn Tables

Equipment Turn Tables provide a safe way for workers to easily access all sides of the product by rotating the work toward them. Our Industrial Turntables can be either powered or manual, and rotate products up to 360 degrees in one or both directions. Combine with a Scissor Lift to position a load vertically, further enhancing both ergonomics and productivity.

Tilters / Upenders

Hydraulic Tilters utilize double-acting hydraulic cylinders to both rotate and return a load or container through a 90-degree travel at a controlled rate of speed.

Upenders are heavy industrial hydraulic tilters that safely upend or down-end a wide variety of heavy, bulky, or odd-shaped objects at controlled speeds.