Carton Flow

Increase efficiency by addressing two major cost drivers in distribution and manufacturing plants –  labor and space.   Use carton flow to increase throughput and storage density.  Convert static storage to FIFO (first-in, first-out stock rotation).

Utilize roller or flow bed sections to convert existing static pallet rack to carton flow. Carton flow is also available in stand-alone cells.

roller track

Roller Track

  • Versatile – add to new/existing rack
  • High capacity/Durability
  • Rollers provide maximum carton support
  • Store product with wide variety of sizes/weight
wheel bed

Wheel Bed

  • Maximum flexibility left-right for product reslotting
  • Hex hub wheel design for optimal flow
  • infeed product guides available
  • Multiple product sizes in same level
flow cells

Flow Cells

  • Modular approach to building your own work cells
  • Apply Lean Manufacturing principles
  • Ensure FIFO rotation
  • Create flexible dynamic storage for line/process changes