Matrix carries metal and wire mesh lockers. Lockers are available in many configurations: single, double and multi-tier lockers. Metal lockers can be all-welded or knocked-down construction.  

Wire Mesh Lockers

Wire mesh storage lockers have an infinite number of applications. TA-50 lockers are used in the largest military bases in the world to provide storage for military readiness gear and uniforms. Apartments and condos nationwide rely on tenant storage lockers to offer space for their residents to secure items from bicycles to seasonal decorations.

Wire mesh storage lockers are a great solution when storage is needed, but not a lot of space is available.

When compared to solid lockers, BeastWire Mesh storage lockers provide optimal circulation for air, light, and heat without obstructing fire suppression systems.

Metal Lockers


Hallowell Premium Lockers

Hallowell Premium Lockers are designed to provide affordable storage capacity while incorporating modern design features.


Hallowell Valuemax Lockers

Hallowell Valuemax Lockers are exceptional value, quality and finish; performance and reliability at an affordable price.  


Hallowell Bulk Storage Lockers

Hallowell Bulk Storage Lockers are all-steel lockers for maximum security and durability. 


Lyon Single Tier Lockers

Lyon Single Tier Lockers include a shelf with full-length locking storage. 


Lyon Double Tier Lockers

Lyon Double Tier Lockers are ideal for short-term use.  


Lyon Multiple Tier Lockers

Lyon Multiple Tier Lockers are excellent storage for classrooms, labs, etc.