Carton Flow Wheel Bed

SpanTrack Wheel Bed

Optimize order picking operations with flexible carton flow beds. SpanTrack wheel beds are engineered to meet the unique demands of your order picking operation. SpanTrack wheel beds maximize product flexibility and flow. SpanTrack wheel bed gives you:

  • Pumped up pick rates: Increases throughput by 150% compared to picking from a pallet
  • Flexibility: Multiple-sized products can be positioned within the same shelf level
  • Less travel time for order pickers: Having items closer together reduce travel time between picks
  • Better use of storage space: SpanTrack wheel beds will help you maximize space and create ideal FIFO storage for products
  • Keep it simple: Reslot without having to move tracks
  • Easy installation: Drop-in design
  • Capacity: Available in light, standard, and heavy-duty options
  • Customized end treatments designed to fit any type of pallet rack beam
  • Knuckled options: Available in straight track for full case picking or knuckled track for split case order picking.