Wire Containers

Wire Mesh containers are tough/durable for industrial storage. Wire containers:

  • Allow for quick visual inventory
  • Stackable for space utilization
  • Drop gates for easier access to inventory

Folding Wire Mesh Junior Containers

  • 1,100 lbs capacity
  • Smaller mesh pattern for small parts
  • Stackable to 3 high, fully loaded
  • Double drop gate

Folding Wire Mesh Standard Container

  • 4,000 lb capacity
  • Foldable to save storage/shipping
  • Stackable to 4 high, fully loaded
  • Custom options available

Rigid Wire Mesh Containers

  • 4,000 lb capacity
  • Reinforced sides & end panels
  • Heavy duty channel base
  • Stackable to 4 high, fully loaded
  • Knockdown versions available

Heavy Duty Rigid Wire Mesh Container

  • 6,000 lb capacity
  • Heavy duty angle & tubular steel
  • Stackable to 4 high, fully loaded
  • Options (crane eyes, gates, Kanban plates, dividers, etc)