Pushback Rack

Pushback Rack

SK3600 Pushback Rack is a high-density storage system that allows you to store pallets 2- to 5-deep while retaining easy access to a variety of different SKUs. Each level or lane is independently accessible and allows up to 90% more product storage than selective rack systems.

Unlike other rack systems such as drive-in, each level is independently accessible. With high-density storage systems, fewer aisles and forklifts are needed.

To load the system, pallets are placed by forklift on nested carts, which ride on inclined rails. Each pallet is then pushed back by the loading of a subsequent pallet, which exposes the next cart. During unloading, the front pallet is removed, allowing the other carts to roll gently to the front.

Steel King Pushback Rack

• Fewer aisles and forklifts needed
• Provides support for weak pallets
• Accommodates non-standard pallet sizes

Because Steel King manufactures both the cart system and racking, you’re always assured a perfect fit. Carts are welded and do not need field-assembly. This means they are guaranteed to be square with no adjustment required.

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