Telescopic Conveyors

MaxxReach Telescopic Conveyors

MaxxReach Telescopic Conveyors provide the highest level of productivity for large volume, shipping and receiving applications for any type of distribution center. Automate your loading and unloading areas and convey a variety of products from large or small cartons to loose bags and tires.

Telescopic TRAVERSE scaled
Telescopic MaxxReach
  • Load capacity 50 lbs/ft
  • Maximum live load at any given time 4,000 lbs.
  • 2-ply PVC belt
  • 3HP belt drive
  • 60 FPM – 120 FPM belt speeds
  • 45 FMP extension speed
  • 1HP gear motor for extension with friction clutch
  • One piece formed side pressings
  • Operator controls – In/Out, Stop/Start, E-stop, lights, ESB, Debris Tray
  • Belt & e-stop status & interlocks
  • Emergency stops at control panels
  • UHMW stage gap filler
  • Extension stop bar on final stage
  • Audible alarm