Increase your manufacturing/warehousing capacity quickly with a Cogan mezzanine and avoid the costs and headaches associated with new construction. A mezzanine is an economical and practical method to reclaim workspace already in your facility by expanding vertically. Mezzanine applications include:

  • Warehouse Storage
  • Conveyor Platforms
  • Machine Platforms
  • Manufacturing Levels
  • In-plant Offices
  • Work Platforms
  • Pick Modules
  • Parts Storage
  • Archive Storage

Site Analysis & Custom Designed Mezzanines

Send us your space requirements or Matrix can perform a detailed site analysis. We’ll then return an AutoCaD drawing showing precisely how your mezzanine will be configured. Each mezzanine is custom designed based this analysis:

  • Allows the mezzanine to be moved or expanded as needs change
  • Meets code compliances at all levels:  AISC, UBC, BOCA, SBCCI, ACI & OSHA.
  • Impact and corrosion resistant hybrid powder finish
  • Accessories: Decking, Railing, Kickplates, Stairways, Landings & Gates

Cogan offers many different options to customize your mezzanine.

  • Flooring – resin board, open bar grating, diamond grip, corrugated decking
  • Staircases – intermediate landings, risers, tread options
  • Handrail – 2-rail, 3-rail, wire mesh handrail
  • Gates – single/double swing, sliding & safety pivot
  • Ladders – ship’s ladder, with safety cage, self-closing safety gate

Matrix is a Cogan mezzanine expert and is ready to help.