Carton Flow Roller Track

SpanTrack carton flow rollers provide the industry’s most efficient, reliable, and durable carton flow solution for full case and split case (each) order picking. The patented designs easily drop into your existing structures and create the ultimate carton flow rack roller system, keeping products at the pick point for the worker

Types of Carton Flow Roller Track

Low Profile

Low Profile nests between beams for maximum use of vertical space. Used for full case or each pick. Perfect for racks with pallet storage above. 

High Profile

High Profile rests on rack beams. Track can be flush or overhang rack at the front and rear. Pick face profile can be straight or contoured. 

Deck Track

A “drop-in” track for instant carton flow in single deep pallet rack.

Why Span Track Roller Track?

  • Rollers provide the most surface contact – 300% more product contact that plastic wheel lanes
  • Low-temperature capabilities for freezers and coolers
  • Drop-in design and easy installation
  • Increased throughput of up to 150% compared to picking from pallets
  • Light, standard, and heavy-duty capacity options
  • Customized end treatments for easy use with any pallet rack beams
  • Knuckled front end options to accommodate split case order picking