Vacuum Lifts

Vacuum lifters provide an ergonomic working environment – preventing health issues and lost time caused by lifting/moving heavy loads or repetitive motions. The most common lifters are via tube or devices.

Vacuum Tube Lifts

Ergonomically designed to reduce back strain, injuries and accidents. The tube lifter moves loads quickly, precisely and always ergonomically. A vacuum lift can accomplish repetitive lifting jobs efficiently and quickly.

Capacities & capabilities are dependent upon factors such as:

  1. Weight and material composition of the load (porous, non-porous, or semi-porous)
  2. Total load surface available for lifting
  3. Style of load to be lifted (loose or densely packed, light or heavy wall, compact or bulky size
  4. Vacuum pad attachment size and style

Vacuum Tube Lifting Systems grab the load (via vacuum suction), support, lift and lower the load without the use of a hoist, all by using a single operator control. Vacuum suction pads lift product without damage to the product surface/edges (often caused by manual lifts). A remotely connected high-efficiency vacuum pump supplies vacuum to the lift tube to lift/lower the attached load. A built-in Safety Check Valve slowly lowers the load if power is interrupted.

Vacuum Lift Devices

Ideal for heavier and/or bulkier loads, lifter devices allow a single operator to effortlessly and safely handle loads that would normally require multiple people.

  • For handling large, flat and typically non-porous workpieces
  • Loading and unloading CNC laser cutting machines with metal plates
  • Loading and unloading CNC machining centers with wooden boards or plastic sheets
  • Handling and positioning glass panels and windows during production, framing and installation
  • Available in powered tilt, rotation

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