Wire Decking

Wire is the standard method of decking for pallet rack systems. Wire is stronger and less expensive than wood decking. It improves fire safety. Wire decking can be manufactured to fit existing racking and works with step, box or structural beams.


  • Quick, easy installation – simply drops into place
  • Meets fire & safety regulations – enhances the performance of your overhead sprinkler system
  • Protects employees and products
  • Improves inventory visibility and brightens your facility
  • Flexibility to store cartons, drums, and multiple pallet sizes

Wire Decking Styles

  • Standard – waterfall design with support channels for step beams
  • Inverted – inverted channels for food storage/clean applications
  • Flush – Flat mesh ends even with top of beam
  • Inside Waterfall – waterfall hidden inside beam step, leaves beam face unobstructed
  • Flared – waterfall design with flared supports for box/structural beams
  • Upturned – turned-up rear waterfall serves as backstop to prevent cartons falling