Selective Pallet Rack

Selective Rack comes in either roll-formed or structural steel upright frames. Beams can be of either roll-formed or structural construction. Beams have either boltless (teardrop) or bolted connectors.

SKI Boltless Pallet Rack Unit

Roll-Formed Pallet Rack

Steel King’s SK2000 roll-formed frames/beams are strong by design yet lighter than structural steel for ease of relocation. 

Steel King’s columns and beams are formed from high-strength American-made steel, continuously welded into closed-back sections, providing exceptional strength and dramatically increased durability compared to other products on the market.

Its boltless design, with auto-engaging safety locks and teardrop connections, is easy to install without tools.

Steel King’s SK2500 has the same closed tube frame as the SK2000, but uses bolted beam connectors. Some applications are better suited for the bolted application: Selective, Pallet Flow, Double Deep Selective, Drive-in, AS/RS, Pushback, Drive-Thru.

SK3000cu-724x1024 (1)

Structural Pallet Rack

Steel King’s SK3000 pallet racking provides greater overall strength and rigidity because it’s manufactured of high C-channel structural steel. With a longer service life, lower maintenance costs and improved safety, SK3000 is a high performer and the best value in structural pallet racks available.

SK3000® pallet racks are finished with long-lasting powder coating, providing durability even under the most demanding conditions.

Structural configurations are also used in Drive-In, Pallet Flow and Pushback High-Density Pallet Rack systems.

Structural storage rack is fabricated using hot-rolled structural steel channels for uprights and beams. A heavy-duty lower horizontal brace and welded foot protector are standard on structural pallet rack systems.