Matrix delivers products & services in an economical, timely, and efficient manner. How do we do it? Experience and Resources.


Matrix has been improving our customers’ operations since 1998. Our personnel have the expertise to make your project successful. We’ve undertaken projects in different environments/conditions (extreme heat/cold, underwater, light & heavy duty, high cycle, etc).

Matrix knows the questions to ask & the factors to consider when recommending a solution.



Our extensive product line gives Matrix the flexibility to select the item to fit your specific application. If the application demands an unique solution, we can design & fabricate it. The products we carry are:

  • High quality
  • Competitively priced

Design Services

Our Engineering & Sales departments collaborate to provide CAD drawings of the proposed solution. See it before you buy it. We also have 3D capability.

Project Management

We provide turn key solutions – from conceptual design to implementation, training & service.


Our products improve your business productivity.

  • Directly – though process improvements – and indirectly, through reduced downtime or lost time incidents.
  • Productivity improvements can increase profitability by reducing expenses – allowing you to reap the benefits without increasing your prices.