Protect your people and your business from costly, sometimes fatal, injuries due to falling objects by utilizing synthetic safety mesh systems.

Matrix can assist you in creating a precise custom netting system to prevent falls and product loss. We supply a small mesh netting that is cost effective and easy to install for barriers and partitions in warehouses and distribution centers.

Our rack and pallet guard, and conveyor guard netting systems come in different mesh sizes and weight bearing loads. No matter what size, length or special requirement, we have the right Sure-gard™ net to fit the job.


Our leading-edge, OSHA-compliant Sure-gard™ safety netting is . . .

  • Proven: It has been dynamically tested using rigorous ANSI A10.11 test standards and methods for fall protection.
  • Resilient: It stretches to absorb shocks and loads, then returns to its original shape.
  • Versatile: It comes in three weights—light, medium, and heavy—and a variety of mesh size openings; it can be custom manufactured for any application.
  • Resistant: Low maintenance and high quality. Our netting stands up to the elements and tough working conditions.

Please contact us – we will be happy to assist in developing the optimal solution.



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