Selective Rack

Selective Rack comes in either roll-formed or structural steel.  Beams with either boltless (teardrop) or bolted connections are available.

Roll-formed frames/beams are strong by design yet lighter than structural steel for ease of relocation. 

Structural steel frames/beams use high-strength structural steel for toughness & rigidity.  Thicker material is more resistant to forklift damage.


Teardrop (interchangeable)  -  uses an automatic locking connection to secure the beam to the upright frame.  This connector accepts most industry standard “interchangeable” beams.   Upright frames available in  closed tube columns.   

Selective Pallet Rack - Teardrop Connector


Bolted connection – columns with bolted connection beams provide an extra rigid connection for demanding applications.


Roll-Formed T-Bolt Connector





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