Anti-fatigue matting is utilized to increase worker comfort and productivity.

Ridged Runner Matting protects floors, reduces cleaning costs and adds traction. Its flexible, yet durable vinyl compound won't curl or shrink during use, and is resistant to many chemicals and cleaning fluids.

Diamond Plate Runner Matting protects floors from heavy foot traffic and provides extra traction

  • The yellow-bordered version is often used to designate safe walkways.
  • Colors: Black (BK), Black w/ Yellow Borders (BYL) or Gray (GY).

Diamond Plate Spongecote (dry area – heavy duty) is the most popular anti fatigue mat and matting because no other offers such a complete package of exceptional comfort, long life, and a high-tech, industrial image.

  • It’s exceptionally resilient Nitricell® sponge base provides true comfort and enhances productivity by relieving fatigue throughout the day.
  • Diamond-Plate's safety-engineered surface adds traction and durability to the mat, and lends itself to heavily trafficked areas.
  • Colors: Black (BK), Black w/ Yellow Borders (BYL), Gray (GY) or Black w/ Chevron Borders (BKCH).

Worksafe Light (wet area – medium duty) This best-selling, light-weight, high performance drainage mat is available in a new formulation resistant to the effects of mineral oil based cutting fluid.

  • Perfect for wet industrial areas, it eases the strain of clean up, yet keeps employees comfortable.
  • 1/2" thick with molded beveled edges allow easy employee access and the well-engineered drainage system keeps debris from becoming trapped.

Industrial Worksafe (wet area – heavy duty) The extra thick, extra comfortable, extra safe, high performance, wet area, ergonomic mat has bright, molded-in safety borders.

  • Formulated with a CFR (mineral oil cutting fluid resistant) compound that resists many other industrial chemicals and fluids.
  • Smooth, clean drainage holes and underside knobs allow water, debris and shavings to flow through and under the mat. Textured surface for extra traction in wet areas.
  • Available in stock sizes for individual workstations.
  • 3/4" thickness.
  • Colors: Black with Orange (BOR), Black with Yellow (BYL)


Non-conductive/switchboard Non-conductive mats insulate workers, protecting from deadly shocks generated by high voltage equipment. Matrix offers mats that meet:

  • ASTM D178-01 specifications (No. 701 and No. 702)
  • Military 15562F specifications (No. 710, No. 711 and No. 712)

These mats are tested and proven to have a high Dielectric strength. However, to provide a large margin of safety the maximum recommended voltage exposure is much less. This is important since the switchboard mats are true safety mats, designed to save employees lives.

Non conductive matting / smooth military switchboard is designed to meet strict military standards, Smooth Military Switchboard Matting is non-conductive matting with a dielectric strength of 30,000 volts.

  • The smooth vinyl surface is easy to clean and offers exceptional ozone and oil resistance.
  • Smooth Military Switchboard Matting meets Mil. Spec. 15562-F Amend. 3, Type II.

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