Maximize energy savings and focus lighting with Westinghouse Lighting. 

Save up to 75% on energy bills & produce superior light quality. How?

Start with a Better Lamp
Use a powerful lamp that maintains light output, is rated for 35,000 hours, and is small in diameter to allow the design of accurate reflectors.
Thermal Management
Use thermal management techniques to design a fixture for optimal efficiency and peak lumen output.
Understanding Reflector Design
Maintain Beam Spread, minimize bounces, get the maximum light out of fixture.
The Difference between Success and Failure
Westinghouse’s reflector designs are engineered to the tenth of a degree for bending angles, and to the thousandth of an inch for facet length. If fabrication tolerance does not match design, theoretical efficiencies are not realized.
Use the Proper Reflector Material
Total Reflectivity —The sum of diffuse and specular reflectivity. Accurate reflectors minimize diffusion. Westinghouse uses specular material that is not only highly reflective, but is also minimally diffuse.
Application Efficiency / Beam Control
Most lighting manufacturers offer a generic, one-size-fits-all fixture. Westinghouse Lighting Solutions optimizes for savings, given a specific facility. By creating a unique, application-specific system for each facility, Westinghouse has delivered savings up to 75% AND improved light levels (15-25% over anything a competitor can offer).
End Result
Goal: More Foot-Candles for less watts — true efficiency.

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