Vacuums & Balancers

Vacuum Lifting Systems - ergonomically designed to reduce back strain, injuries and accidents. A vacuum lift can accomplish repetitive lifting jobs efficiently and quickly.

Vacuum Lifting SystemsVacuum Lifting Systems
  • Capacities up to 60,000 lbs
  • Power options:
    • Self-powered
    • Electric
    • Air
  • Lift flat sheets, bags, drums, boxes
  • Lift and tilts available

Vacuum Lifting Systems

  • ANVER VT Vacuum Tube Lifting Systems are ergonomic lift assist devices that economically increase productivity. ANVER VT Vacuum Tube Lifting Systems are easy to use, simple to maintain and require minimal operator training.
  • ANVER VT Vacuum Tube Lifting Systems grab the load (via vacuum suction), support, lift and lower the load without the use of a hoist, all by using a single operator control. Vacuum suction pads lift product without damage to the product surface/edges (often caused by manual lifts). A remotely connected high-efficiency vacuum pump supplies vacuum to the lift tube to lift/lower the attached load. A built-in Safety Check Valve slowly lowers the load if power is interrupted.

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BalancersCM Max Air Balancer - offers precise positioning or repetitive transferring of loads

  • Capacities to 600 lbs.
  • Up to 8” of float so the operator can position the load easily and precisely by hand
  • Limitless start/stop cycles for reliable performance and productivity
  • Unique pressure compensated flow control maintains lifting speed regardless of fluctuations in plant air pressure
  • True vertical chain travel (80" max.)
  • Ergonomic pendant control station
  • Forged steel latch type lower hook with bearing for free rotation
  • Complete with chain container for loose end chain

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