Hoists & Vacuum Lifts

Matrix has product available to cover a wide range of lifting/positioning requirements. Equipment includes:


Hoists - the most common method for lifting a load. Matrix offers the full line of Columbus McKinnon (CM) brand products. CM is one of the most respected names in the hoist industry. From 1/8 to 6 tons, CM has the hoist to fit your application and your power requirements:


Vacuum LiftsVacuum Lifts – for lifting large, flat, or porous (bags) items, Anver is a leader in vacuum technology. With a vacuum lift, you can tilt the load for work positioning. Vacuum tube systems allow you to ergonomically lift the item, reducing worker fatigue and improving efficiency.

BalancersBalancers - ideal for precise positioning or transferring of loads. Balancers have “float” to give operator the ability to maneuver and position the load by hand.


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