High Speed Doors

DYNACO roll up doors are lightning quick to open/close (no experiencing workflow slowdown) and save significant dollars in total environmental control - no matter your requirements.

DYNACO high-speed roll up doors are designed to seal on all four sides, thus providing a barrier against dust, dirt and contaminants in special applications such as pharmaceuticals or food production. 

DYNACO roll up doors and high speed doors are designed with total safety in mind. 

DYNACO rapid roll up doors are crash-forgiving and automatically re-inserting if accidentally dislodged from the side frames.  No costly downtime and no service calls. 


Matrix can provide interior doors (up to 12’) for:

Food Industry - incorporating ultra tight sealing bead technology, with ultra-clean side frame and head designs.

Pharmaceutical - designed for interior pharmaceutical environments, in cleanroom class 10,000 to 100,000. 

Techno/Streamline - designed for interior environments, providing a high-tech, safe and aesthetical pleasing door for even the most demanding costumers. 


Interior/exterior doors (up to 18’ wide):

Freezer (-22° F) - For inside environments with extremely cold temperatures (no wind exposure) 

All Weather - For outside environments exposed to high winds and other weather extremes. Available for widths above 18' also. 

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