Dock Equipment

Levelers bridge the gap between the loading dock and the vehicle during the loading and unloading process. Levelers are available either in a pit or mounted to the top (or edge) of the dock.

Pit Levelers - require a pit to operate

Pit LevelersMechanical - cost effective, manual operation via pull-chain

Hydraulic - fully hydraulic operation, built for high volume dock operations

Pneumatic - dual operating system allows operation in event of power outages

Dock Levelers – economical solution in lieu of pits

Dock LevelersTop of Dock – for docks that are below the industry standard dock height (48")

Edge of Dock – mount to the face of the dock and provide a level crossing between the dock and vehicle bed

Dock Seals/Shelters -  line the top & sides of the dock door opening to help protect/insulate the dock

Dock Seals – barrier against the outside weather

Dock Shelters – allows full trailer access while keeping the weather out


Dock Bumpers

Wheel Chocks