Misc Conveyors

Matrix also carries miscellaneous "specialty" conveyors that are stand-alone or can be integrated with "standard" conveyor.  These units range from transfers and turntables to parts conveyor. 

Roach  90 Degree 3- Strand Chain Transfer Conveyor

  • #2080 or #2060 extended pitch conveyor chain
  • Chain on 18" centers
  • Screw type center take-up
  • Pivot type lift
  • Picture shows unit with optional conveyor


Roach Model CT380 3-Strand Chain Transfer Conveyor

Roach VBT3 Transfer Belt Conveyor

  • "B" section V-belt transfer belt
  • V-belts on 18" centers
  • Center drive allows for reversible operation
  • Positive type lift
  • Unit load not to exceed 500 lbs


Roach Conveyor VBT3 Transfer Belt Conveyor

Roach 90 Degree 3- Strand Skate Wheel Transfer Conveyor

  • Transfer wheels on 3" centers, 50 lbs capacity
  • Strands on 18" centers
  • Positive type lift with 1" of net lift
  • Unit load not to exceed 500 lbs
  • Picture shows unit with optional conveyor


Roach WT3 Wheel Transfer Conveyor

Roach Continuous Rotation Powered Turntable Conveyor

  • 360 degree continuous rotation
  • #80 roller chain
  • (8) 5" dia. heavy duty rubbercovered casters support rotation of turntable carrier platform
  • 1/4" thick steel plate carrier platform
  • 1-15/16" dia zinc-plated skate wheels at infeed & discharge ends


Roach CRT Continuous Rotation Powered Turntable Conveyor

Roach Reciprocating Vertical/Continuous Flow Conveyor

  • Heavy tubular constructed frame
  • Chain drive
  • Platform size and capacity dependent upon product
  • Controls optional
  • Rate varies with unit height


Roach Reciprocating Vertical Conveyor

Roach Flite Sorter Conveyor

  • Densely located rollers to carry various size loads/weights
  • Package sizes:  minimum 9" L x 1" W  maximum 48" L x 36" W
  • Package weight: 2- 100 lbs
  • Rate: 150 cartons per minute maximum
  • Speed varies with desired rate of flow
  • Diverter shoes guided by UHMW wearstrip for smooth, quiet operation
  • Electrical controls designed for specific application



 Roach Flite Sorter Conveyor

 Roach Parts Conveyor with Feeder Conveyor

  • 12", 18" or 24" black nitrile belt or flat wire mesh belt available
  • 30, 36, or 45 degree incline angles
  • 35 FPM constant belt speed (others optional)
  • Portable, adjustable floor supports with 4" dia casters



Roach Parts Conveyor with Feeder Conveyor

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