Wire Containers

Folding Wire Mesh Junior ContainersFolding Wire Mesh Junior Containers

  • Perfect for smaller applications
  • Allows for quick visual inventory
  • Smaller mesh patterns to prevent loss of smaller items
  • 1,100 pounds capacity
  • Can stack three (3) high, fully loaded.
  • Double-drop gate for easy accessibility to parts.
  • For sizes and pricing

Folding Wire Mesh Standard ContainersFolding Wire Mesh Standard Containers

  • Foldable to save storage/shipping space
  • 4,000 lb capacity
  • Safety corner reinforcing rings to prevent distortion
  • Can stack four (4) high, fully loaded
  • Custom options available (casters, label holders, etc)
  • For sizes and pricing

Rigid Wire Mesh ContainersRigid Wire Mesh Containers

  • 4,000 lbs. capacity
  • Can stack four (4) fully loaded containers
  • Reinforced sides and end panels
  • Heavy-duty, roll-formed channel base
  • Made to size with numerous wire mesh configurations
  • Knockdown version available for shipping/storage when empty
  • For sizes and pricing

Heavy-Duty Rigid Wire Mesh ContainerHeavy-Duty Rigid Wire Mesh Container

  • 6,000-lbs. capacity,
  • Can stack four (4) fully loaded containers
  • Constructed of heavy-duty angle and tubular steel, the base features runner bars, stacking caps and targets
  • Half-drop side or end gates offer easy access.
  • Options available (crane eyes, gates, Kanban plates, tags/ID numbers, security lids, dividers, and runner bars for conveyor use
  • For sizes and pricing

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