Carton Flow

CARTON FLOW RACK -  Increase the efficiency of your warehouse by addressing the two major costs drivers in distribution and manufacturing plants -  labor  and space costs.   Use carton flow to increase throughput  and save space.  Convert static storage to FIFO (first-in, first-out stock rotation).    

Flow rack systems can utilize rollers, rail wheels, or skatewheel.

ROLLER TRACK – install flow storage lanes consisting of conveyor rollers into any pallet rack.  Configurations can be changed as SKU’s or carton sizes change.

Roller Track

RAIL WHEEL - lightweight & economical method to conveyor unit loads.  The rail wheels are commonly floor or rack mounted utilizing an arrangement of 2 or more rail conveyors mounted parallel. Rail Wheel Conveyor
SKATEWHEEL-   an economical conveyor, skatewheel is useful for temporary conveyor lines in warehouses, shipping departments and assembly areas. Loads should have smooth, even bottom surfaces for optimum flow on the conveyor.

Skatewheel Conveyor


Flow Cells  - complete track & rack units offering a modular approach to building your own workstation.  Portability and customization options make it easy to create ergonomic stations ideal for picking, assembly or line side storage.

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