Cabinets, Workbenches & Stations

Cabinets - Organize and secure parts, tools, and items of any size or type.  Maximize cubic storage space for efficiency and security.

  • Drawer Storage – modular drawer storage cabinets (link)
  • Mobile Cabinets – take the tools to the job   (link)
  • Unique or Specialty (Computer, File, Shelf, etc)   (link)
  • Storage Wall – the ultimate in storage flexibility (link)
  • CNC Tool Storage - specifically designed for CNC tooling (link)


Our workbenches are robust and versatile.  Customize the workbench with a wide array of accessories to fit your work requiremens.

  • Industrial - durable and rugged for harsh environments
  • Technical - available with electrical outlets, dissipative surfaces
  • Accessories - customize a standard workbench to your needs
  • Adjustable Height Workstations - ergonomic comfort and flexibility
  • Control Stations - combination workbench, bookcase, cabinet

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