Convert Industrial Waste/Scrap Costs to Profit & Add to Your Green Programs!

Are you currently paying for the disposal of:

55 Gallon Drums Cardboard Paper Foam
Non-ferrous Metals Plastic Textiles Foam Rubber

Use a baler to condense industrial scraps/waste to the most efficient handling and removal size. The added benefit: in most cases other businesses will pay you for your waste rather than you paying for removal.

Balers come in a wide variety of configurations, sizes, and costs based on the materials being recycled and the output demands. Matrix offers over 200 different standard models including Vertical Balers & Horizontal Balers engineered to custom-fit your specific needs.

Vertical Balers

A Vertical Baler is a good low cost option when production volume isn't a priority. Vertical balers can bale a wide variety of materials at low cost.

Vertical Balers

  • Front and rear doors for easy loading and unloading (except STDS-0)
  • Simple easy to use controls
  • Models available to fit under 8ft ceilings
  • Chamber sizes up to 30 x 72 - chose your bale size
  • Total Pressures up to 28 Tons for better compaction and bale weights
  • Special configurations available for your specific needs
  • Electrical Panel UL Listed for safety

Horizontal Balers

For higher production levels and automatic operation, a horizontal baler can make your waste recycling operation more efficient.

Horizontal Balers

  • Custom fit to your specific application
  • Automatic ram cycling saves the labor of a dedicated operator
  • Multi-material, high density bales - without preconditioning or fluffing
  • Over-the-rear) conveyor option to fit into a greater variety of positions.
  • Computer program controls for reliability & ease of service
  • Photo-cell control for smoother operation & more uniform output 
  • Multi-material capabilities 

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